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Zafeer Seafood

Casual Dining

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من افضل مطاعم المأكولات البحريه ..اجواء ممتازه وطعم رائع ولكن اتمنى منهم المزيد من التركيز على نظافة المكان ..واتمنى لهم المزيد من الأزدهار..

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Open a new branch on the tenth earia


حلو جدا بس غالي



Zafeer needs to work on its reliability. While its seafood is generally good, many times the shrimp has a very strong aftertaste which makes us return it. The service quality is worse on the weekend so we avoid going there on Fridays. The speed of service varies greatly. If they focus on consistency, they'll definitely improve.



Zafeers seafood is very good as long as I dont go on a Friday! I love their soup and overall everything we order is usually spot on. Sometimes the shrimp comes with an aftertaste but we haven't encountered that lately. Their baba ghanouj is amazing.



Service was extremely slow had to wait for our soup for more than an hour, waiters werent friendly at all Fish and Lentil soup were very very bad in terms of taste



offering sweets

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