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The Cheesecake Factory

Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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AMAZING..... you will love it, not only the cheesecake, but their Salads and main course are also amazing... it's not opened for the public yet, but it will be next week. I had a VIP invitation ;)


We waited for more than an hour to get a table against the 50 mins time that they told us. Afterwards, we waited AGAIN for another hour to get our meals served! They have like 2 dozen staff running around the area, a few just standing around the corners not doing anything (not sure if they were supervisors because they were all dressed the same). If the f

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Everything was fine - but the floor was dirty .. sticky with food and no one bothered to clean up! I had to literally tell them to clean up!



اضافة موظفين اكثر لتوزيع الزبائن على الطاولات للتخفيف من الازدحام الغير طبيعي عند الاستقبال


Need more attention for the service clearance of the table !!

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we should change our behavior, attitude and we should know how to approach the people then we can make the perfect business world. And we can explore the potential knowledge from each and everyone so we can make best of the best in our field.



We got the entire order very quickly. The server rushed the main dish to our table before we finished the app.



Arabella is a great location, but getting there is such a pain during weekends. parking is really bad. I always knew the staff is going to be friendly but the guy was way too friendly that it started to get really annoying. the lighting is nice but it just feels a lot darker than it should be.


Portions are generous so thats good, staff is friendly. I would say they need to be faster in terms of getting the food and taking the order



management should be good and positive to the staff too and it would be automatically great service and go forward.

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