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The Cheesecake Factory

Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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One of the best restaurants in terms of quality and freshness of their products. But it comes with a price ofcourse. Food takes time to be preapared but totally acceptable giving that they r usually



Had my surprise 45th birthday at Sedra location... Couldn't ask for a better service, food and Godiva Cheese Cake (My ultimate favourite)

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I have held my husband's birthday yesterday at Cheesecake factory and we were a party of 30 plus kids! I have honestly thought that the service speed will be slow and there will be a lot of confusion due to our big number, however I was surprised by every aspect of the service. The table was ready before our arrival, staff was very friendly and helpful and they brought in every order correctly and matched it correctly to the person who ordered it, despite the fact that we were changing seats quiet frequently! The speed was fast and bills came separately and error free! GREAT SERVICE and will definitely recommend it to my friends and family! This was at Sedra Branch! Thank you Cheesecake Factory! :)

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بعشقه ملوش حل

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ياريت يصير تعديل ع المينو لان الاصناف مو واضحة وحتى الاسعار بكون مكتوب سعر معين بالمينو ووقت الدفع نتفاجىء انو السعر متغير ووقت سألت الجرسون بجاوبني اسعار العشاء اغلى من الغداء وهالشي مو مكتوب بالمينو

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الخدمه ممتازه ... والاكل حلو

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من اجمل المطاعم والمفضلة لدي كل ما اروح الافنيوز لازم اكل منه ولكن يوجد ملاحظة بسيطة ارجو زيادة عدد الموظفين لكي لا يتأخر الطلب او عند الانتهاء يكون الدفع بسرعة

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مطعم رائع في مل شئ

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Very nice food and service

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Keep it up .. will done

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