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The Cheesecake Factory

Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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أطباق بحجم كبير تميز في الطلب الفردي يكفي لشخصين وبذلك السعر مناسب وفوق ذلك القيمة مناسبة والخدمة مميزة دائما سعيدين

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Their portion size is so big, it would be better if they made smaller portions.

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They have the same quality for the delivery.

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Everybody have to try their ceaser salad and mac and cheese balls

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أفضل مطعم من ناحية الفخامة وتقديم الطلبات

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Hi all,I have been quite an avid fan of cheese cake factory but since I turned vegan guess it's curtains for me. On the other hand, the best thing I liked about them was I abruptly dropped in one day and they offered me a complimentary cheese cake and I had a delightful conversation with 2 staff all the way from Sri Lanka and the Philippines, it was a great exchange of culture and I getting to know them made me realise I had finished my cheese cake ( even the complimentary one) . To the ones who haven't been here do try to be there and eat all their classics, it sure has great taste not to mention and hope your lucky to get a free one..!! Adios..!!

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The food is so good but the portions are huge! And it’s expensive

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I love love love their food specially their salads and prices are not very high as their quantity of food is enough for 2 persons... the staff is very welcoming too

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