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Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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Order took longer than usual.. overcooked.. the manager wanted to please us with ice cream takeaway which is nothing for the price of three lousy stakes


The taste never changes as the quality is perfect.



food is great but their filipino staff are kinda discriminating. when we arrived their no one assisted on us but when an american customer came in all of them gather to his table 🥴🥴🥴

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وجدت شعره في الاكل و للاسف عندما اشتكيت كان رد فعلهم بارد جدا و شعرت بعدم اهتمام بارضاء العميل اصلا.


تجربه فريده من نوعها كل زياره شكرا لكم

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Staffing. Once the dine area is full, the assigned staff cant handle fastly

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Fav steak restaurant in Kuwait

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Great taste Staff is v.cooperative I was going frequently because there was great dish called brisket which removed from menu because it take too much time in cooking Which shook me because it was very tasty and i love it so much so please reconsider in making it again

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Last visit, I asked the waiter to play a specific song, she replied that it was not possible. I believe it would be great if I have the chance to listen to my favorite music, especially at that time the restaurant was almost empty, only 2 or 3 tables were occupied.

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