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Rib Eye Steak House

Casual Dining - Gourmania International

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طعم وسوا الطعام لم يكن بالجوده الكافيه البطاطس غير مقلية جيدادجاج الفاهيتا ليس طريا حتى الكريمة الحامضه على اطباق الناتشوز كان طعمها وقوامها عير جيدين لكن الخدمة جيدة جدا قاموا بخصم ثمن طبق الفاهيتا الغير جيد من الفاتورة تصرف جيد من قبل الاداره

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First experience dining in on this restaurant was a remarkable as I was able to be with my childhood friend, when he came to a Kuwait for a business visit, it is a special day as their menu, with a very good mixed variety of main courses, and tenderness of the main dish, probably the meat that really made its perfection.

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food quality is low, not consistent, service is very slow and prices are very high



من افضل المطاعم

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They should increase the speed of serving their customers.

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