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Raising Cane’s

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I loved the quality of the chicken, it's juicy and hot when serve, their sauce is perfect and the bread. It's so delicious. The bonus point is its near to my job, I save more time.

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تتغلب على معم مشهور بنفس المنتج من حيث النظافه

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Their new branch in bneid-al-gar very nice location but on fridays it is a complete mess! I understand the traffic but their staff beed to be more trained to handle such busy hours , many mistakes with peoples orders hapoened last friday 27-12i think Avenues staff are more experienced

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tasty food , great service , good value highly recommended

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Freshly cooked... the area

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It's perfect test good quality

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Love Love Love Cane's. From the food to their lemonade, all good. Only drawback is the location.

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Location is a problem.



تخفيض اسعار الوجبات وعمل عروض

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Service there is great. I have ordered a take out kids meal and the staff noticed that I look tired since I went after a long day at work and offered me water etc. A memorable service, however one comment regarding the toy... they gave my daughter a white board with a black marker that doesnt come of her dress... it seems like its permanent and it ruined her dress despite even trying at the Dry Clean...

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