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Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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اتمنى لهم المزيد من التقدم والمحافظة على تلك الخدمة الممتازه..

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Better discounted pricing as food not matching expectation.


When we walked into the restaurant, three staff members were talking. Although we were standing there for a good 20 seconds, they failed to acknowledge us, waited to finish their discussion. Then it took them 10-15 minutes for them to approach our table to take our order, when they should have been at our table at most 5 mins from the time we are seated. Ontop of this, they messed up two items from a three item order. Overall, not happy with the staff team.

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اجمل بيتزا ولديهم انواع كثيره ولذيذة

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I'm a person who likes pizza no matter how you serve it, even if it's homemade, but I simply hated their pizza!! Too many choices yet none of them is delicious or OK at least!! It's just not good.



مطعم جميل وانواع جديدة من البيتزا ومتنوعة ولكن ينقصهم شي واحد وهو التسويق

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حلو ولاكن غالي جدا

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The reason why I liked this place is what it offers for the kids. kids have a lot of fun dressing up as a chef and cooking their own pizza. I got my order late though and the employees didn't pay a lot of attention to us but the kids were so happy, which is what mattered the most to us.



المكان جيد وأفضل ما فيه هو الخدمة رائعة ومواقع الفروع ذات اطلالة جميلة ، لكن الأسعار مرتفعة نسبيًّا .

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