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Pizza Express

Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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The staffs and supervisors are very accommodating & respectful especially those branches I have tried like the avenues phase 3 & dahia. Definitely, will recommend this resto to all my friends & relatives!👌 keep it up! More power!



I love their thin crust pizzas. and pastasssss hmmmm. make me starve right now.^_^

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the staffs are so quick and active. pizza here is something to die for! also, the best DOUGH BALL!

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محل لبيع البيتزا يلي زرتهم فرعي المارينا والمطار ،تبع المارينا افضل من فرع المطار ، البيتزا لذيذة ،لكن لابد من اعادة دراسة الاسعار وتخفيضها،وزيادة كمية الوجبات ،والاهتمام بنظافة المكان ،وتدريب العمال

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Ok pizza expensive taste is good but not good as pizza hut but its fresh food

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اتمنى لهم المزيد من التقدم والمحافظة على تلك الخدمة الممتازه..

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Better discounted pricing as food not matching expectation.


When we walked into the restaurant, three staff members were talking. Although we were standing there for a good 20 seconds, they failed to acknowledge us, waited to finish their discussion. Then it took them 10-15 minutes for them to approach our table to take our order, when they should have been at our table at most 5 mins from the time we are seated. Ontop of this, they messed up two items from a three item order. Overall, not happy with the staff team.

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اجمل بيتزا ولديهم انواع كثيره ولذيذة

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