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P.F. Chang's

Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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Delicious food, Good ambiance, accommodating staff

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I love their food but their prices are high as the quantity of food doesn’t match with its price.. but overall good

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The food is delicious and the portion size of the dishes is couple’s sharable which is a rare thing to find in restaurants these days in kuwait.

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Wow...what a disaster! First and last time I order delivery from PF Chang's. On Friday, 14th Feb, I ordered dinner via Talabat. I placed the order at 7.30pm and received confirmation from the restaurant that my order would arrive by 8.30pm. Order arrived at 9.40pm and after three Talabat conversations to see why my order was delayed (each time I contacted Talabat, they were not able to get through to the restaurant as they weren't answering their phones). As for the food, it was terrible, tasteless and an absolute ripoff for the quantity and quality that I received...what a disaster and I have NO IDEA how PF Changs is a 2019 Service Hero nominee....

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Staff were in a hurry to close the order and the fare dished out was just passable...not worth the money paid nor time taken for order to arrive.

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Love their dynamite prawns 😍

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Although it’s an American branch they serve quite decent food and tasty above all. Even when they deliver the food is great. They take care to pack each item in a way that you feel comfortable eating it.

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I love the food, specially lettuce wrap and dynamite shrimp ❤️

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فرع الافنيو القديم ، الموظفين ومسؤولهم غير متعاونين ولايستمعون للارشاد او الشكوى ، يحتاجون دورة لاحترام العملاء ، لم يكن زبائن كثر فقط انا وعميل ثاني وطلبت طاولة ، تم مراجعتي بالقائمة بعد ٢٠ دقيقة من جلوسي لأخذ طلبي يعني يتم تقديم الطعام بعد ساعة ، لذلك لغيت الطلب وخرجت من المطعم بدون اعتذار احد منهم

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وجبات مميزة وجودة عاليه مذاق مختلف وتقديم رائعالاسعار مناسبه ..للاسف لا يوجد عروض على شركات التواصل وغيرها .

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