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Paul Cafe

Casual Dining - Azadea Group

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inconsistency is their problem as food does not taste good all the time

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Other cafes are much better; tastier and have variety of drinks with competitive prices.

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يؤخذ عليهم اسعارهم المبالغ فيها يفترض انها كافييه اي قهوة شاي وجبات خفيفة مو مطعم خمس نجوم ، الفروع بحاجة الى تجديد القوائم تدريب الموظفين على طريقة تخضير فنجان قهوة حقيقي ....

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الرقي كما يجب أن يكون في المكان والتعامل فا شكرا لكم

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Paul is one of my favorite cafes when it comes to having coffee or tea with dessert or macaroons. Love it and its locations are ideal.

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the quality of food changed to the worse!!



I love to eat breakfast here at Paul.

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خدمة راقية جدا و طعام رائع . أتمنى لو أن تزيد أفرعهم و بالأخص في مولات الجمعيات و ليس فقط المولات الكبيرة



Paul is a bit overrated when it comes to the quality of their food and overall service standards. Aside from their breakfast which I def love and would recommend to go for, their food is average. Their staff really needs some customer service training as some of them are plain rude. There's particularly one in Al kout branch who once didn't find one of the products available in the breakfast menu so he told us from a distance and said he'll give us instead a lemon thing. When wee asked him what options do we have bec we hate lemon, his reply was extremely rude saying nothing this is it! When we got agitated from his way and said wee'll cancel thee order, he said ok "Cancelto" Extremely rude and we left the cafe despite going there on a regular basis. He didn't even try to apologize! On the other hand on our next visits, there's a waitress there who is very friendly. Also, the bread they serve is very dry, sometimes as if it's not fresh.

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