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Olive Garden

Casual Dining - Americana

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Love the food and the staff are all friendly ☺️☺️☺️

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.عندهم تميز رائع في الجوده و المعامله



We normally go to Mahboula area but since it move to Lake View area (about a year back) it was hard due to the location is super congested during the weekends. other than every is excellent.

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Good food. The soup is the best.

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مطعم فرع الافنيوز يقدم وجبات ايطالية بنكهة متوسطية انواع متنوعة من الوجبات ايطالية مشهورة مع الوجبات يقدم السلطة والحساء المشهور مع كل وجبة ويعاد تقديمهامجانا كذلك ايضا بالنسبة للمشروبات الغازية الاسعار معقولة جدا المطعم نظيف اطلالة رائعة انصح فيه بشدة يستحق خمس نجوم

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Unlimited soup/salad was servedalong with any main dish.but now only 1 refill is given. Also the quantity served is reduced.

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ustomer service was good great staff but expensive i went there couple of times because my friends celebrated their birthday over thier great place mostly family

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من الافضل الاماكن المفضله



The main course i felt was not cooked properly. I order shrimp and pasta and you could see the oil not disolved within the cream and the shrimps were not cooked long enough. I could not complete my meal and ended up with a bad stomach pain. The staff and customer service were great. I suggest maybe more training for the chef in regards to food prep.


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