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الاسعار عالية لكن الطعام لذيذ

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We were served microwaved bread! We complained and they replaced it with another microwaved bread! Disappointing.

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Food for nino is very nice and delicious , as what i have noticed is there social media interaction is very less with the customers. We were roaming around and we saw Nino and we thought to try it out. Then only we came to know about Nino.

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الاكل شهي وصحي ولذييذ وروعه في بعض الاصناف اسعارها شوي اوفر ارجو فقط اعاده النظر فيها

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المطعم الايطالي المفضل أكله لذيذ والأطباق مشبعه

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Good food but very pricey. Ambiance, decor, location and staff are great.

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We ordered Nino recently and I was looking to have a lite meal. One of their options was a locally grown Kale salad. My expectations were moderate, but my actual experience was exceptional. I'm so glad more restaurants are offering locally grown products of decent quality. Keep it up Nino!



Hope come up with promotion for groups,

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