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Mais Alghanim

Casual Dining

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The branch in Sharq is very good to go with family and friends. The staff is very kind and nice as well as the food was delicious. The pricing is a bit too high, but you can visit occasionally it is very good. The dining experience was very luxurious and clean and tidy.

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مطعم ميس الغانم من أرقى المطاعم اللبنانية اللي اتردد عليها الخدمه والجودة جدا راقيه....واللي أكثر شي اثار انتباهي هو أن إدارة المطعم دقيقة بتتابعها لأدق التفاصيل وسرعة الخدمة مستوى جدا راقي بالتعامل .💐



Best Dine in experience with my family and friendsNo issues to fix Beautiful ambience with friendly staff Thankyou

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I really love the food, salads and drinks ..They are made to perfection..

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فضل مطعم للمشويات بالكويت وجبة المشويات ولا احلي.. والسلطات خصوصا الفتوش والحمص البيروتي.. وطريقه التغليف شيك ا

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This is the most reliable restaurant I've ever visited. Serving food with consistent high quality every time.

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The branch located a Sharq Arabian Gulf Road has a friendly staff, fantastic food before i never eat arabian cuisine but now i love the flavour, the textures, best chicken tawook at the salads.

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ممتازه بس لابد من التركيز بجودة ونوعية اللحوم

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فقط يجب التنويع بالمنيووو

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من افضل المطاعم بالكويت 🌸

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This brand is also a recipient of the prestigious Five Times Category Winner Award for leading its category for 5 consecutive years.

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