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I enjoy Lebanese food which the restaurant satisfied my craving. The price of their food items are relatively higher than other restaurant. But still they offer good menu selections.

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من افضل المطاعم اللبنانية بالكويت من ناحية جودة الأكل والخدمة وكذلك تنوع الأصناف. ومستوى الأسعار تعتبر جيدة مقارنة بمطاعم اخرى بنفس مستوها.

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Great food. Very quick service. However, staff members could smile a little more and "request" before doing something. The other night, an eldery couple walked out before ordering because one of the staff members decided it would be okay to open the window wide right next to them without asking. The waiters seem grumpy/moody which can be intimidating or off putting. Other than that, delicious food and pretty decorations.

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Do more marketing about the brand itself

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من المطاعم اللبنانية الجميله جداً جداً وعنده صنف اسمه هبره من اجمل الاصناف

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مطعم جميل جداً جداً والاكل لذيذ وانصح بطبق الهبره 👍🏻👍🏻

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أكل لبناني حلو 👍🏻

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Leila is probaby the only Lebanese restaurant that I would think of choosing Lebanese cuisine to eat at... love their appetizers and staff is nice.



Develop there service , good food and good location


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