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Casual Dining - Al Shaya

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everything is excellent


Great value and quality. Always offering newness through seasonal menus along to their already huge main menu


الاسعار جدا رائعه



PRICEY but ELEGANT diner. Food are fine and staffs are good. A good place to dine once In a blue moon because of the price. in my opinion its a diner for rich people. ^___^

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I expected quality for what is more expensive than the market and got what I expected. The food is fresh and therefore lasts longer in the fridge. I go there refularly to by my food even though it is not convenient and far away from my home.


I like the Quality of the food I dislike the atmosphere of the store (noisy, and less comfort)



الطعام جيد لكن اسلوب الموظفين سيء والقيمة مرتفعة

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بصراحه كنت علي طول احب دين ديلوكا من عشر سنوات كل رمضان لازم اخر يوم برمضان انفطر هناك بصراحه بعد كرورنا تغير اكلهم سئيه جدا جدا رحت فطور. علي البحر اكلهم سيئه اشتكيت لان صورته الأكل. اتصل مدير كذي مره اعتذر قال حياج نعوضج سالت شنو تعويض قال نحجز لح طاوله🤣كلش طاولات مو فاضيه🤣قال نعطيج طبق حلوي😙مفروض انا من شفت أكل سئيه مفروض ما ادفع كلش بدل ما يقول تعالي علي فطور قال نحجز لج طاوله نقدم لج حلوي. يعني بطلب اطباق وادفعها اخر شي يعطوني كيكه اطفال يمكن


The food did not looked fresh when it arrived

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What you see on the menu and what they serve is almost totally different. Ordered the phili cheese steak and it came with no steak. Sent it back to kitchen and again came without steak. Way to go! Won’t go there anytime soon.

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