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B+F Burger Boutique

Casual Dining

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اسعاره مرتفعه جدا و المنيو عادي و اكله عادي

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I wish they add more dishes to the menu

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.مستوي الجوده انخفض



Great place with great food. They have ridiculously great desserts for a burger shop.

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The go to place to celebrate any personal milestone in our lives...the burgers are undoubtedly great...but you must MUST must Must try their desserts.... the Choco molten cake with ice cream can take you to the moon and back.... Wish the had a table reservation mechanism though....

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ظلمه شلون اقرى المنيو !!! اللحم مثل البلاستيك. طلبت سلطه اول شي. جابوها قبل لا ادفع الفاتوره. صيته اكبر من حجمه.

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مطعم جميل والاجواء جميله فيه خصوصاً اللي بمجمع 360 والاصناف جميله جداً جداً وكل شي فرش والمطعم يسوه الواحد يروحله اكثر من مره

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مطعم جميل جداً جداً ولكن الاسعار مبالغ بها بعض الشيئ

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It’s one of the best restaurants I always go to.. but this time they served not fully cooked chicken sliders and also I didn’t enjoy my favorite fish which is backed eggplant!! The staff today didn’t preform well!!

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Little quantities and overpriced


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