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Car Service - Behbehani Motors Company

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Service quality at VW is like a coin toss - sometimes it's rock solid, and sometimes I feel like I would light my car up on fire to spare myself the agony. Let's not forget they hardly provide a deadline and when they do they never deliver on it. So the customer just hangs. Staff are extremely witty, and provide great recommendations to cut on costs. But, they come off as arrogant and I always feel like they're doing ME a favor. If staff get an attitude make-over, they could have easily snatched a 10.



Excellent service, need reevaluation for prices and service timing. thanks for VW company staff.


the employees servise are perfect but, the reliability of the passat CC is just horrible..


اسعار الخدمات مبالغ فيها مقارنة بباقي الشركات



After sale service is very expensive!



تحسين جودة المنتج مع اعادة تقييم الأسعار



- Lower their price - Extend their working hours


بتوسعة مواقف السيارات اولا وكثرة السيارات البديلة والصدق مع العميل وستبدال عيوب المصنعية من السيارات. حديثة الطراز


They have to change the mangment system from long time (before 2003) they promissed to open a quick service but they are cheatter still now they didn't open also the service is very slow and take long time. You have to take appointment for car maintenance before about two weeks or more of bringing car. If you drop your car for changing oil will take two days additional of time of waitting your appointment if you change your oil outside will not take more than half an hour!! VIP members they have to take a car if they drop their car for maintenance or reparing but you will find yourself you have to appoint the car before more than six months!! So it is only fake benefits not real!! the parking area it is not enough!! you have to ask for a driver to drop you home and sometimes they tell you do you want a taxi???!! I will not recommand anyone to buy or deal with Volkswagen Albahbahani



توفير فرع بالاحمدي للصيانه

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