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Car Service - Behbehani Motors Company

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Staff polite and willing to serve. Reservation system is a great way to avoid wait. Sometimes staff seem a bit overwhelmed but it's better now that they expanded the service center. Technicians appear to be cutting corners though--until now they haven't been able to fix randomly closing passenger window. Explaining it away by saying it's dust or sand is absurd.



Service quality has been going down. I was promised the car back last wednesday. By thursday I called my contact person but he didn't answer. Instead I got a football score SMS from him 2 hours later--he sent it to the wrong person! I finally got a call from somebody else on saturday who was very polite. He said my original contact was in training and the car would be ready Sunday. Fine. Except after paying for new parts the car wasn't fixed, same problem still there.

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يجب توفير سياره بديله


Lower prices of spare parts and not to increase the prices each year


To reduce the price of the major service and offer more promotions like maintenance package and insurance package for the first time



Lower there service rats and parts they are more expensive than all off gulf dealer and all world dealer in order to make your dealer ship number one in Kuwait market lower your prices the only thing you got going on is porch the product its silfe porch brand but not you at all I prefer if some one else take the brand another dealer sorry but your dealer keeps raising the prices more and more for everything parts new cars I prefer to buy a car from another gulf dealer


العيب الوحيد انهم لايوفرون سيارات بديله اثناء تصليح السيارة


Buying a porsche you need a good places for you clients to sit and relax while waiting ... They always promise that they will call when the parts arrive and they dont awful place and service poor quality control not satisfied at all for buying a porsche you need that high end feel



مع الاداره الحاليه لايمكن تحسين الخدمة يجب تغيير الوكيل


Its pathetic that the service center for porsche can be so slow and so outdated that I feel bad servicing my car thia way, I feel degraded by this ayatem

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