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Car Service - Behbehani Motors Company

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الوكيل سئ جدا في امور عديده فيجب تحسي جوده الخدمه و سرعه التسليم و ايضا" تخفيض اسعارهم

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highly expensive and to change the oil it takes 2 days which is loo long



التكاليف باهظه بكل شئ عندهم

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يسرعون في انجاز الخدمات

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هناك عدم دقه بالمعلومات و عدم تقدير للعميل سرعتهم بطيئه للغايه

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لا توظف عندها موظفين مطرودين من شركات سيارات اخرى تدريب بعض الموظفين على التعامل مع الجمهور عدم إعطاء وعود يصعب تطبيقها محاولة تقييم قطع الغيار بشكل افضل (طلبوا تبديل الديسكات والسياره ماصارلها سنه

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اسعارهم غاليه


In my last visit, some of the complaints I had got didn't get fixed. Their excuse: computer says all is ok. Lucky for me the problems are small but really, customers might know something about their cars and balancing their complaints against diagnostics doesn't go far enough.

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Nothing very bad or particularly good about their service. Ask many questions and push for discounts, as always. If you like their cars, the dealership service isn't a hurdle.

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