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Car Service - Al Mulla & Behbehani Motor Co.

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اتمني جميع الوكلات تكون بنفس مستوي جوده خدماتهم و رقي تعاملهم.

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Personally, I’ve always had a good experience whenever I’ve taken my Jeep in for service, whether it’s at their express center in Shuwaikh or their service center in Rai. I also like how airy and modern their service centers are. Everyone is extremely polite and helpful. Well done.

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هناك شبه استغلال لان يكون العيب غير ظاهر او ممكن الا يتم تغير القطعه و لكن يصرون علي التغيير يالرغم من سؤالي و رفضي و لكن لكي ادفع ثمنها. ايضا حلولهم سيئه و فيها مماطله طويله.

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عدم معرفة الموظفين بالخدمات

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الاسعار غايه في الارتفاع و الجوده عاديه جدا.

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كفاءه الخدمات و جودتها لا تستحق ارتفاع الاسعار.



كل فتره يزيدون اسعار الصيانه بشكل عام.



بشكل عام اسعارهم فيها مبالغه.



There are certain nationalities - no matter how much you train them - who are not service-oriented. The team of services professionals at the Jeep service center in Al-Rai are a great example of that. Rude, aggressive, and think they know it all without listening to what you're trying to say - and when you snap at them to just listen and not interrupt - they accuse you of being rude...suffice it to say, it was a terrible experience considering my Grand Cherokee Limited isn't even 3 years old yet....I wish there was an alternative Jeep dealer I can take my business to.

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