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Car Service - Al Mulla Group

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خدمة الصيانة سيئة جدا لا يوجد انتظام في الدخول ولا التزام في المواعيد

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اسعار الصيانه بشكل عام مرتفعه

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قطع الغيار عندهم مرتفعه السعر

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اسعارهم مرتفعه و بطييئين للغايه في الصيانه بدون داعي

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the dealership improved substantially over the years since 2013, back then I would say they were the worst dealer of all time, but now things are getting better, the service people are actually able to keep up with my knowledge, they are fast and reliable sadly a bit expensive still compared to the rest of the market and their brand standing. If they keep going in this direction I think the overall image of the dealership will keep improving with time. I would recommend they keep working on their staff competence, open more service locations and find a way to reduce the cost of your repairs / parts. The gap between the parts price of the dealer and the genuine parts resellers is much smaller than before but you can still find a noticeable gap in some parts .

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الاسعار مبالغ فيها موقف السيارات صغير جدا الخدمة بطيئة جدا جدا التضارب في تشخيص السيارة



الموقع الاكتروني ضعيف جدا مافيش خدمات



للاسف مكان الصيانه سئ للغايه و دون المستوي لا يدل علي مكانه توكيل دودج ارجو اجراء بعض التغييرات او الصبغ



Fix their prices and get better management

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مد فتره دوام يوم الخميس اكثر

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