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Car Service - Ali Alghanim & Sons

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الاهتمام بتحسين اجراءات الاستبدال او التغيير.

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OMG I love everything about it 💛💛💛😗🥰



متميزن بكافه المجالات الا الاسعار فبها زياده عاليه.

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Mr. Amjal went out of his way to help me service my car in the midst of the Covid-19 situation. He arranged having my car towed; he gave me a contact to renew my insurance; he made sure to follow my instructions about not using cleaning chemicals; he made sure the car was carefully sanitized (using stickers and steering wheel covers) for collection. He was attentive and in touch with me throughout the process, and my car was ready very quickly. He was super polite and very efficient. The BMW call service was equally helpful and polite. A really pleasurable process!

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عدم الاستجابة لشكوى العملاءاعطاء اسعار مختلفه من الموظفين لنفس المنتج عدم سرعه استجابه خدمة العملاء

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اسعارهم جنونيه و خاصه قطع الغيار.

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قطع الغيار مرتفعه السعر جدا.

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جوده الخدمه ليست بالمستوي المتوقع منهم بالاضافه ان لا يوجد عروض اطلاقا او مميزات للعملاء او اسعارهم جدا مرتفعه.

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غايتهم ارضاء العميل فتواصلهم و اتقانهم متميز.

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كتير اسعارهم غاليه .

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