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Car Service - Fouad Alghanim & Sons

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تدريب الموظفين علي اسلوب امثل للتعامل مع الزبائن والدقة بالعمل وسرعة الانجاز

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They need to employee more people and have to start bringing in more spare parts so they don't have to take so long to get a car repaired. Service is supposed to take 3 hours max. Not 2 weeks.


follow the german standards



Improve customer experience. It seems after I bought my car, the level of customer care decreased.



Although there were some parts that were not in stock, the service advisor managed to get shipment expedited to speed up the service. This was greatly appreciated. However, the inside of the car and the trunk smelled of gasoline after the service due to the parts that we're replaced. I can't help but feel that this should not happen if the repair work was performed correctly. It has now been more than 3 weeks and the smell, while better, is still there.

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الاسعار بكل شئ عندهم مرتفعه بشكل رهيب و الموظفين يمتازون بالبطئ الشديد و قد يميل الي البرود احيانا.

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الاسعار مرتفعه جدا.



تحسين اداء موظفي الاستقبال والاستماع الجيد للمراد عمله وسرعة الانجاز والاهم مواعيد الصيانه ان تكون قريبة وليست بعيده

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توفير مواقع أخرى للصيانة ، توفير سيارات بديلة مساواة بسيارات ذات علامات تجارية مماثلة أو أدنى بالمستوى.


مراعاة اسعار قطع الغيار كي تستقطب زبائن لسياراتها من الطبقة الميسورة بدلا ا من ان تبقى للطبقة الوسطى وما فوق

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