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Car Service - Fouad Alghanim & Sons

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الاسعار بكل شئ عندهم مرتفعه بشكل رهيب و الموظفين يمتازون بالبطئ الشديد و قد يميل الي البرود احيانا.



Once Audi moved to the new service center, the experience improved significantly. Only gripe is that the service for the car takes about 1-2 working days which is frustrating since they don’t also offer you a free replacement car during that period



Granted, the problem I had with the car proved challenging to diagnose and the staff tried their best. However, after making many visits and spend many hours there, which is a very frustrating experience for me, the problem was still not resolved fully as they could not reproduce what I complained about (and even recorded on a video).I trust that they truly tried their best and had the best intentions and I appreciate that. But it is still a negative overall situation to be in after spending so much valuable time. I also cannot understand why each and every time I go there I am asked to fill in all of my contact details! I had to finally put my foot down like a petulant child and simply refuse to fill it in.Audi is one of my favorite car brands, so I hope the service experience continues to improve.

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الشركة جدا سيء في عملية الصيانة والأدهى من هذا مدير الصيانة عندما يضع مبررات بالتحايل على الزبون ليتقبل سوء الصيانة من غير معالجتها ودائما يوجد تعطيل وتأخير في الصيانة سيء سيء جداااااااا

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قطع الغيار الكبيره اسعارها فوق الخيال.

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قطع الغيار غير متوفره غير بالوكاله و اسعارها وايد مرتفعه.

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اسعار الصيانة غالية جدا - ضعف الثقة في الصيانة الدورية

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لايوجد خبرات ولا مسؤولين مهتمين

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This was a tough assessment to make because while the repair of a problem was not done more than once (which is extremely inconvenient and frustrating) the staff attitude was great. They understood the difficulty of the situation and tried their best to resolve it.

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The speed of car service delivery could be better


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