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The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


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كوفي ممتاز وراقي..ونظافة عاليه ..وموظفين خلوقين...وطعم رائع اتمنى منهم المحافظه على تلك الجوده...

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ممتاز لكن الاسعار مرتفعة قليلا

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They have the best mocha and good manager with emoye

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Wide variety of drinks, but the cafe in most branches is very dull, staff isn’t very friendly

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they should stop reheating milk and storing left over milk to the side and use it for other customers.

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Communicate properly to the customer for the correct order.



اعتقد المكان عادي زي كل الكافيهات ولا يوجد تميز للتأثير علي عودة العميل

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القهوه جميله والكعك جميل ايضاً ولكن يوجد بعض الاصناف من الافضل ان يلغوها

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(Seif Branch) I walked in, no one greeted me or even acknowledged that I came in. I waited for 10 mins then I had to go to the waitress and tell her my order. When I received my order and took it back to work, it turned out they messed it up. I had to leave work again and have them fix it and return to work, they didn't bother offering any product as a token of apology. When I expressed my dissatisfaction they offered me coffee, but I told them that I don't even drink coffee and they said this is all we can offer. And recently they canceled their lunch offer menu that had some of their best dishes at a reasonable price. Never going back!


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