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Second Cup

Cafes - Dagher & Hinnawi

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.زياده السرعه

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I love Second Cup as it reminds me of Canada. I was really happy to see teas I used to drink in Canada on their product list here. Very consisted and reliable. The staff are also really nice although I think they could be more competent and quick. My friend asked for her reusable cup to be rinsed when we went and the barista forgot to do it so she had to throw the tea and wash the cup before she made tea again. This was a waste of time and can be avoided if the waiters and baristas are on top of their game and focus on customer requests more. Overall, though, they are very friendly and their products are amazing.

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Favorite coffee place in town

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كافيه يحتاج الى التطوير والانتشار والدعايه لانهم متميزون في اكلاتهم وقهوتهم فلاينقصهم شي غير الدعايه الجيده والانتشار

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coffees here are too sweet.

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Best quilty and yummy 😋 flavors

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Nothing I love it


اختيار موظفين محترفين. تقليل الاسعار. زيادة الدعايا و الاعلان .

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