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Costa Coffee

Cafes - Alghanim Industries

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Partitions for the smoking area to respect the non smoker people

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partition for the smoking area to respect not smoker people

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When using the reusable mug discount, staff will try to charge for full price unless you ask the barista for the discount.Application alot of time not working properly

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قهوتهم لذيييييذه البن ممتاز و الاكل روعه خصوصا ان مهتمين دايما ينزلون اكل خاص للهيلثي ومتنوع ولذيذ

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costa is nice , but over priced for their products.and recently because of the app they said you get a free bottle of water ,to my surprise it was a 50fils Aquafina bottle water. That was bad

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Friendly staffs and delicious variety of sandwiches and drinks

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The Application need to adding some more new related weekly special offers are always the same no new offers to make me every month waiting something new, and the application not working the Huawei app gallery why?

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الطعم و الجودة و سرعة الخدمة و النظافة العامة ممتازة.اتمنى مراجعه الاسعار بشكل عام الاسعار مرتفعه جدا . و توفير مياة الشرب باسعار معقولة يعني مو معقولة مياة الشرب تعادل سعر كوب القهوة .

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Costa in al sheikha complex salmiya, should educate their staff not to lie and to be honest + eveyrtime you show them that you have a certain discount they have silly excuses!!! and they do their best not to give you that discount .. i reported to their management and im waiting on their respond!

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