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Coffee taste and quality are just amazing

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Just like any other cafes .. pricy and not worth the hype.

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مشكلتهم خدمتهم شوي بطيئة اتمنى انهم يراعون هالشيء بس قهوة عجيبة و ما استغنى عنها بالذات السبانش لاتيه مالتهم قوية

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I've spent quite a bit of money here, especially in the early days. At first, their recruiting was top notch. It's thanks to Arabica, but more importantly The Arabica STAFF, that my knowledge of coffee is where it's at today. I would literally spend an hour a day, drinking and experimenting with coffee whilst under the guidance of the barista. But poor upper management slowly killed this awesome customer experience. The new store managers halted barista creativity and individuality in favor of a Starbucks-like coffee factory. I still keep in touch with some ex-staff who've moved on to other countries or other companies. Recent visits to both the kuwait and Dubai branches have left a sour taste in my cup. I'm being forced to stay alert when placing my order to make sure I'm not getting swindled via the cashiers wording. It is sad, but this third wave coffee joint is picking up several tips from their second wave predecessors (Starbucks, etc). Last option/choice for coffee



لا شي كل شي حلو فيها



It’s perfect in every way😊


So when in the world did people become ok with paying 2.5-3 KWD for coffee?

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really good coffee


I was surprise of their coffee! Its so strong!! Loving it! Hope there would be an outlet near our house!

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Music for the shop to make it cozier


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