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Supermarkets - Albawadry Investments

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Over priced compared to other supermarkets and hypermarketsYes they do offer unique products but still should review the prices

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i like waitrose because it is not crowded and no line in the cashier. i dislike in waitrose is they have expensive prices and there prices is higher in other supermarket. hope if they can lower there prices so that many people can go to there supermarket.

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they have the best produce section, fresh and crisp veggies and fruits but costly. those ready-to-go food like salads and sandwiches are delicious, provides convenience to the tourists for reasonable prices. the non-Halal section is also awesome, they maintain the freshness of the deli section.



A huge difference in prices compared to a lot of places, although some items are only available there. Location is ok but they could put up more branches to cater more customers from all around dubai.

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Theres a lot of good products but the price is too high, sometimes not organised, items are displayed in the rack with wrong price. Staffs in cashier are not friendly.

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The store is not crowded. You can find the items which you cannot find in other supermarket.



too much expensive


Waitrose is nice supermarkets but it is expensive. hoping they can lower there prices.

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