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Carwash in the parking area makes the parking digusting. Everywhere water.

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Venue & priceEnvironment


Perfect customer service and good quality products value for money


Union Coop is awesome. Nothing i dislike,



جيد جدا .مع الشكر .آداء مميز ومعاملة حسنة

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Prices are higher compared to other supermarkets, less promotions but the staff were accommodating and friendly

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Fresh veggies and fruits , i love the most

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All the products is very reasonable prices and all vegetables are fresh I only concern about some staff not all but some of them . Customer service job you must always ready to help and answer the customer needs and questions not just pointing your finger to the place and say just find out there my colleague is there this attitude of the staff will destroy the reputation of the store or business . I know you trained them before they started there job I think they need them to refresh there knowledge of how to be a customer service excellent job is .. I’m sorry I’m not complaining I’m just concerned about the company because all the stuffs in your job are fresh and almost all the items what we need is there . I openly coming to the shop every week specially for the kitchen needs for cooking because is very near our home . We have to unionaround or near our home one in Friday market and one in opposite Dubai Hospital . I’m quit long time here in Dubai I’m almost 28 yrs here so since the union Coop was open I know I start shop to them . I’m so happy because I noticed that there’s a survey everywhere not only the shops but also the products brand names this is actually amazing not because we just saying bad or good it is the way you can do how to improve the service to the people and how to get a more than expectation from the customer. Keep Safe and Healthy Everyone God Bless All 🙏🙏

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their promo the one i like the most but they have one of have a higher prices in industry.

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