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Safeer Supermarkets

Supermarkets - Safeer Group

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Clean. Very helpful staff

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محلات السفير قديمه تحتاج للتغيير اسعار مرتفعه عن المحلات الاخرى اسعار مميزه في بعض المنتجات

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Time to time they provide lots of good offers and discounts. Staff is helpful and provides the desired info and solutions whatever is asked to them.

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My husband and been here once and then he mentioned it to me, and I thought is he serious?, And so I had to see it for myself, and he was right, Safeer is huge and a wide variety of affordable products and good store vibes😍

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المزيد من العروض على جميع السلع

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الاهتمام اكثر بقسم الخضار عمل عروض في الملحمة والأسماك عمل عروض أسبوعية مثل نستو مثلا

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safeer market is are more expensive than others matkets

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عن طريق عمل عروض وخصومات هائله خاصة بهم لجذب الزوار وعمل عروض فنية للاطفال وحفلات توزع بها جوائز لكل الاسرة لجذب اكبر عدد من الاسر

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safeer is very good and excellent supermarket for all household items .and prices very cheap,stores very well organised ,staff is always available for helping customers.

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