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Supermarkets - Nesto Group

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the most thing I like is that they give full satisfaction of their customer through the promotions.


Nesto offers great deals and promotions among others. I like to shop from nesto it is very easy and convenient. Prices are really reasonable compared to others.


رخص الأسعار وخصوصا عروض اخر الأسبوع


Nesto is a good company it's very reasonable and near to my house the products and goods are extremely good and convincing to buy.The daily needs are brought form nesto the brand does not matter if the product is doing what it's supposed to do. I very happy because is this developing country I am living a very comfortable live cause I get my necessities and daily requirements from near by stores.


I like the the prices of product..


What I like about the brand is the value of money and quality is great. Their offers are also amazing. The only problem for me is I stay in Dubai and I have to visit Sharjah or Ajman outlet as there are none in Dubai yet.


Every thing is good


Amazing service, Jebel Ali freezone


They always put offer most of the products that I would like to purchase. And it’s convenient to go and buy

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I like weekly offers.


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