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Lulu Hypermarket

Supermarkets - Emke Group

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The environment are great. The product are quality and guaranteed



The environment are good. The product are quality but The quality of some things there is poor specially the meat.


I like the quality


لا افضل خدمه العملاء


some products price are high compared to other shops. the there is less people to help customers at the shelves. parking is a pain waiting for empty spot most of the time. but it offers all products under one roof so highly recommendable.

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It would be better if they will spend some money and effort on sending their staff for some training about customer service with regard to their cashiers and so with their porters or helpers who's job is to sort out the goods for customers. Most of the times I am very upset because they were mixing stuff in the same bag. When you got home you'll find out that the slice bread was smashed and the yoghurt was already pinched so, you'll find it leaking. I knew that those people who works as porters had no higher level of education but it could improve them by sending them to a special training on how to handle/sort merchandise accordingly. I think if the management would do this, they will find customers satisfaction and at the same way more customers would come for them. Thank you.


بعض الاسعار غاليه وبعض مكانات تكون ارخص منه



great shopping value of my time spend here quality products with good prices

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I like fruits and vegetables from here.very fresh.


Most of their employees are not familiar with the location of the products

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