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Lulu Hypermarket

Supermarkets - Emke Group

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they should improve their customer Service team.

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زيادة الكاونترات ، زيادة المواقف ، زيادة مساعدين الكاونتر ، اعادة تنظيم بعض الفروع بشكل جيد

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its great pleasure shop at lulu it has good quality and good customer services

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لولو هايبر ماركت هايبر ماركت رائع من حيث الاسعار مقارنه بجودة البضاعه لدي ملاحظة فقط علي نظافة وجودة قسم الاسماك

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Some staff I found so rude. Even if we ask some stuff where is it they says , I don't know go and check there, So this is little bit which I did not like.


Great variety on products especially their seafood section. If your lazy to cook, they have their huge variety of cooked menu that you buy and eat esp in Al Barsha branch not to mention no problem in parking.

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I shop all my groceries from lulu on daily basis. Everything is good and fresh. One thing i noticed many time some of the products mainly fruits are tagged with wrong countries.

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The cash counter staff can learn to smile a little. I have already been to the new branch on King Faisal st., Sharjah thrice and everytime found very unfriendly staff.

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There are very limited offers and some products are priced high. There is not reward system for the purchases made.

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بعض الاغراض القليله اقل من السوق في السعر العروض ليست بالقوه غير ذلك هو يعتبر اغلى من اي سوبر ماركت اخر

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