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Lulu Hypermarket

Supermarkets - Emke Group

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I like the service they provide with the product information. What I don't like when it come to price not matching the exact details.


lulu offers great offers and discounts


This is the brand that fails me when it comes to quality of service, supermarket is really clean, well organized, staff looks professional,presentable and approachable compared to other supermarket, really recommend this brands!

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I like LuLu especially when it comes from promotion it was low price.

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I want to commend Lulu Hypermarket for not neglecting their social responsibility to people especially when the pandemic started. They gave various trolleys full of goods/groceries to those affected esp to those who lost their jobs and no income at all. Salute to this act of kindness.

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LULU offers great deals and discounts! And it’s really convenient for people especially with strict budget. They offer good quality products for a very reasonable and affordable price.

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Product in website are not in the store.


staff are accomodating

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What i like most is that everyone there is sale and its free parking which is also good

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