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Supermarkets - T.Choithram and Sons

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They should provide more competitive prices to other hypermarkets and a loyalty program as well.



There are good offers online and the store is also well presented to attract customers.

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i am wondering why they have closed twos-day offer on Tuesday

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The supermarket does not have any loyalty schemes and the prices of a few products are bit expensive.

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Their Tuesdays sale attracts customers especially my colleagues who really go for quality yet very affordable products. I remember my roommate coming from Choithrams with full smile on his face telling us that he got a great deal on the sacks of rice to send back in his home country. Another colleague said that one kilo hotdog he got was half the price...chicken...beef..shrimps were also included on their sale. This is very much appreciated. We always look forward for Tuesday to come to see what's on sale in Choithrams. Thank you for giving us this choice.

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During my last visit, I found that their store has lot of choices but I am not pleased with the store layout as it is a like a maze that caused some time while looking for the items I needed to purchase.

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I love choitrams. Specially tuesday.. Their two'sday..

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the customer service should be more friendly and smile more frequently



Vry few locations, pricing is more compared to other supermarket

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product range is extremely helpful but some branch needs to enhance their customer focus ability to accommodate and assust them properly

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