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Supermarkets - Majid Al Futtaim

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It is very convenient for us because carrefour is nearby and you will find it easily. All the commodities are available and price efficient. Cashier are all well trained and providing a good customer service.

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I like the quality of the products and freshness foods ;)

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You'll find almost everything

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Yes very useful and very convenient uae best and number one supermarket in uae he is the lots outlet in all over the uae and best service and best product

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May i say that this Rating is not for Carrefour in general.. but only in Al ghurair Branch.. i bought fresh olives, and it was already spoiled, the taste was very foul and yukky.. 🤮...

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ارجو عمل يوم بالاسبوع تخفيضات لزوي الدخل المحدود والعمال

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What I like most is there sale that its really affordable and useful to consumers

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The variety of brands are way better than other supermarkets. However the waiting time in the fish section is terrible. It took 30-40 mins before I was able to collect the fish that I requested to be cleaned and chopped. The staff in the fish section are working so hard however the volume of staff are way less compare to the number of customers. I have noticed that Salmon i bought was not cut properly. Please consider adding more staff in the fish section specially during weekend. Please note that due to the long que in the fish section I am unable to see on the screen my number has been called. I inquire 3x before my purchase is ready. Overall I am a happy customer of Carrefour and will definitely recommend to my love ones. Also the point system is great .



أنا من العملاء الدائمين لشراء حاجيات السوبر ماركت من كارفور بجانب المنتجات الأخرى . . فقط لدي تعليق بسيط أتمنى زيادة كاونترات الدفع لأنها تكون مزدحمه فى بعض الاحيان فى بعض الفروع مما يزيد فترة الانتظار فى طابور الدفع . . .

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