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عدم مصداقيه ببعض العروض و الاجراءات.معلومات الموظفين غير واضحه ولا دقيقه.اتصالاات المبيعات كثيره و مزعجه جدا.

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The fees are extremely high.

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Customer service staff don't seem to know their job very well and end up keeping customers on-hold for long periods of time. Last time I wanted a payment converted to EPP, I called their customer service 4 times and spent aed 49 in calls.I also filed a complain with the bank about how long it took to put my purchase on EPP, and never got a call back.

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Too much interest on credit card

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Good bank terms are very acceptable



سريعه جدا وامينه

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Improve the CDM's efficiency in the branches where it has been located, many occasions the CDM's are not working or not able for cash withdrawal or cash deposits. Even many a times after the transaction there is no receipt provided. Improve these services.

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بنك من البنوك الجميلة بس الموظفين لا يصلحون ان يكونو هناك تعاملهم في ادنى المستوى مع العملاء

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مع الأسف لايرتقي موظفوا خدمة العملاء وموظفوا الصراف لان يكونوا موظفين بهذا المجال فجميعهم سلبيون



Please stop ledger fee cutting

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