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I have been banking with them since I started work, whenever they call me they refer to me as Sir when I am a lady. I checked with them at the branch and they told Me I was registered as male. No attention to detail.



I keep so long relation with mashreqneo but very bad banking services

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The staff should be trained for more speed and correct information also they hardly reply for the customers mails or even on Instagram.


I have been lied to about products (bait and switch). The branch staff have been dishonest as well. The Solitaire Credit card and the Gold Debit card are falling apart (only one year old). My spouse's is doing the same thing. Mashreq refuses to replace the cards (even though it is their faulty product) without charging a large fee for the Solitaire Credit Card. You cannot get help at the branch for anything related to the credit card, they make you call the call centre which is useless. It is incredibly to get any level of helpful service unless you want to take out another loan, at which point they are very happy to help. Although getting clarity on key things such as interest rates on new loans is difficult. I have a low level of trust with this bank after two years of dealing with them and am looking for a new one.


The call center needs to respond faster and be more helpful.

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Should make more development and trains the staff to be more professional.



The wait time is too long for the call center respond.


The staff isn't friendly and very slow .

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Need many improvements in several issues.

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The staff should be more friendly and helpful.

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