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add some service for low salary loan.... like the takaful that they said before...



U will not get clear information and un believable policies they have. After many unsatisfactory deals I closed my account today. Feeling relaxed.



I have been lied to about products (bait and switch). The branch staff have been dishonest as well. The Solitaire Credit card and the Gold Debit card are falling apart (only one year old). My spouse's is doing the same thing. Mashreq refuses to replace the cards (even though it is their faulty product) without charging a large fee for the Solitaire Credit Card. You cannot get help at the branch for anything related to the credit card, they make you call the call centre which is useless. It is incredibly to get any level of helpful service unless you want to take out another loan, at which point they are very happy to help. Although getting clarity on key things such as interest rates on new loans is difficult. I have a low level of trust with this bank after two years of dealing with them and am looking for a new one.



Should decrease the charges and improve the quality also the staff need more training

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The staff overall was very helpful in creating a new account, and when I visited a Branch I was helped and guided along until I completed in activating my card. Staff are helpful and very competent.

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This bank comparing with others giving best in terms of speed , rectification using the bank all the services last 6 years . Till today no pending issues ,whenever problem arrives they used solve within time frame no need back and forth follow thing want to share last two years they reduced the offers and due to COVID-19 they reduced branches . Hope they fix these things in future based on their business .



All officers are very helpful

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They are very updated.


ليس هناك جوده باغلب الخدمات و لا يوجد حلول لمشاكل العميل او حسن التواصل

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