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add some service for low salary loan.... like the takaful that they said before...


U will not get clear information and un believable policies they have. After many unsatisfactory deals I closed my account today. Feeling relaxed.


Worst bank ever. They promise to offer loads of stuff but at the end get nothing. No benefit to old customer's. Basically they don't value their customers and don't care to loose them. I don't like this bank and will never ever recommend


Should decrease the charges and improve the quality also the staff need more training



its better to open in emirates nbd then this their staff not helpful take to much time to attend one costumer very lazy staff



Best on application you can do what you want you can track your money, they offer good service, in bad side they are giving metlife a chance to deduct in my savings which i was notified for. I would suggest for low salary bracket to apply for a services again

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I have been banking with them since I started work, whenever they call me they refer to me as Sir when I am a lady. I checked with them at the branch and they told Me I was registered as male. No attention to detail.



They are very updated.

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ليس هناك جوده باغلب الخدمات و لا يوجد حلول لمشاكل العميل او حسن التواصل


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