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Call center never responds to anything



1. Telephone activation code is a very good security feature...however if the activation code has been received after the call was transferred already to a live person...this feature does not serve its purpose. I have waited for almost 2.minutes for the activation code but to no avail. I have to push a random number and the live person took my call. 2. I called the customer care 5 days back to convert my outstanding balance to an EPP ..easy payment plan. The customer care representative said that they will give me a call back. Five days passed...there was NO CALL that was why i called the bank back. 3. After the late received activation code ..talking to a live person requesting for an EPP was supposed to be a good thing...however all my hopes and dreams for an EPP for my outstanding balance were shattered. The customer representative informed me that i am not eligible. I told her that I was requesting for EPP for my outstanding balance many times no avail.. no consistency

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Like to deal Mashreq bank staff are professional

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Banking with Mashreq since long . Very Good Service

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consider how long the client is in uae before freezing the account when changing the jobs especially when i dont have any loans or mortgage



Poor customer service and call center


they should improve the app.



Call center was no help at all also in the branch Al ghurair they also said to just apply again. My husband forget his user I'd and password for his new account. So his unable to used the debit card. Have tried calling the call center around 6 times the lady also don't know what to do. When in the ATM machine to recover but unable the go in the customer service they said. Better apply again. Why there is no chance of retrieving just the user I'd? It's been 3 or 4 months that we cannot used the account. So we just apply to another bank.


Too much background colors and font color. Offers near my location is very helpful especially for people looking for discounts and good buys.

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