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Capturing market quite well in terms of customer acquisition and doing well for customers. Thank you

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more establishment atms where in you can do the deposit as well especially in part of muteena area

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الخدمات اكثر من رائع واكثر ثقة


customer service employees were not trained as they didn't know atm machine interface. couldn't help at all.also in another incident recieved missleading information that lead to extra chargesservice charges and rates are higher than other banks.

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Greediest bank ever, doesn't care about customers

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Very poor service. Costumer interaction is so poor that the one i spoke to on doing the live interaction is in a hurry. Seems like she wants to finish her job. Also the people in the branch are rude. Good thing I don’t have an account in this kind of bank. Ugh.

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Lot of good offers on card, opening account, tie up with other merchant and helping customers, Also Mashreq Neo is doing so well.

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جدا جميل و متجدد بنك المشرقبالخاص بطاقه نييو جدا جدا حلرََه و عروض البونص جميل

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Mashreq Millionaire- I like the idea. Mashreq Points and redeem Offers. Instalment flexibility.

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