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they don't have any rewards



Worldwide innovative products and services



They should improve their services.


Provides best service.



Nothing much to offer, many other banks offer better things for their customers. And annoying phone calls almost weekly or monthly for the same offer which I rejected many times. Tried to open another account they ignored my application and I didn't bother to ask again



I would like them to improve on their speed of work


I was harrassed by 2 HSBC representatives way back 2014 for using my credit card. I worked as part of HR team & they visited my workplace & I was asked why I used 4000 too quickly. This is a violation as reps do not have the right to visit a workplace & personally ask a customer because they are clearly disrupting the affairs of the business of my employer & they do not have the right to ask me personally why I have consumed that much. I have not even reached my card limit, it was considered a small amount. My card was also automatically cancelled without informing me even if I have never missed a payment & NONE was explain it to me. Turned out I wasn't the only one who have experienced the same thing. They did the same to my colleague considering he has a high position in HR in a 5 star hotel. It was too stressful to handle. None could help and they will only call you to ask you to pay. It was my worst banking experience.



I've been with HSBC for 9 years and everything was excellent except recently. Their products are good but the quality of their service had gone down and even the charges are suspicious. I've asked to close my account several weeks ago as i did not get the promised solution and yet until now nothing was done.


حولت حسابي من عندهم لسوء التعامل و ضعف الخدمات المقدمه و طول الاجراءات و حتي الابليكين لم يتم تحديثها منذ سنوات و عند تحديثها اصبحت اسوء من القديمه.

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