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The call center need to respond more fast and their information isn't so helpful or correct

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Some charges should be reduced

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They need to move away from a security key. This is 2021.. You can’t be moving around with a security key in your pocket.. or wherever you go! Please switch to OTP

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Worldwide innovative products and services



I like their service of direct bank to bank remittance to other country free of charge, the only downside on that service is it takes 3-4 days process which need to be improved.

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I had to visit this back because I had started an account with them in my home country... although the service was good and my queries were all cleared.. the location is very much a headache... no parking was there and it was hell till I got inside the bank.. then everything went smoothly

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They have 2 or 3 branches in all Dubai also the ATM machines is so few , the fees for transfer is so high.

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They need more branches specially at Dubai.


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