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Continuos issues with wrong charges levied and unnessasary hassle caused in an already busy lifestyle. Help desk is rude and not helpful with alternatives.

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I requested before to increase the limit of my credit card and I sent email twice. I regularly used my credit card because I used it at work, and it happened twice that HSBC charged me for over limit the use of my CC. SO I called up customer service, i emailed twice and no one replied and responded. Anyway, i closed my cc and changed to another bank.

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The staff fully of respect

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اعلي نسبه امان عندهم

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The application need to be more friendly and easier

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Train the call center to give correct information

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The quality for some service need improvement

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The staff should be more qualified

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The services quality should be better and also train the call center for more knowledge and update the application

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