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اصلاح التطبيق صرعونا افتح حساب عبر التطبيق ودهايات وكلها عالفاضي كلما احاول فتح الحساب وانهاء خطوات التسجيل عند الخطوة الاخيرة تظهر رسالة خطا او الجنسية عير موجودة او يتوقف التطبيق.



Need lot of follow up but soultion came up to the expectations

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The operator is very helpful and she provides all information that I need. I would suggest calling in the night not during office hours in order for you to assist.

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Previously during accelerator program all is going well, once change to rewards which been never communicated to customer and all cash back of program dont know what happened. No one answers call or revert to customer queries at all.

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The bank offered good services, however, the call centre and the staff did not meet my expectations. The call centre doesn't answer calls only for too long and the staff has very less information and are unable to help me get my credit card started again.

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What I like about this is, the cashback is a little higher compared to other banks. And majority of the merchants are listed when applying for the easy payment plan.

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No response either on call or social media, Trying to connect last 1 month but no response.

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Nice 👍 I am good


افضل بنك امان

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