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الفوائد والرسوم مرتفعة ولا توجد خدمة بدون مقابل

Expert Influencer


Time consuming, staff attitudes

Expert Influencer


Very bad bank after the marge

Expert Influencer


they promise you but not achieving

Expert Influencer


call center is powerless , cases are closed automatically without attendance

Expert Influencer


Would like to give a suggestion on there CDM's, as I notice that there is no option of adding more notes if by chance any notes is been rejected by the Machine, need to do the whole transaction of depositing again which is a waste of time and also frustrating for people standing in queue to get their chance. Hope they will fix these issue soon.

Expert Ambassador Influencer


The staff should be well manner please

Expert Influencer


Gets call from sales persons. They eat alot of mind on offers. And convinces you alot and alot. On the other hand app is getting better now (mainly the login process). Make it easy for the user. Plus i never activated anything but they were charging accidential amd shield from me. Had to complain many times. They only returned current month credit after getting agree by checking all my history calls.

Expert Influencer


The service for them is so bad I coles my account with them

Expert Influencer


call center should be more knowledgeable about the services and process


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