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Some fees such as the "cash transaction fees" for depositing foreign currency) are unjustifiable.



There should be more branches



Change their way of how they make a contest or raffles for their product ... They must create a better idea on how they can gain more with their product in the same time that they are giving a consumer the prizes that is worthy of what they are offering. For example: if they use a card (debit/credit) for AED 300 ... Automatically they earned 1 raffle coupon - for grocery/shopping/dining & etc. they can give cash or electronic devices as a prize for winning the entry.

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More branches ..


make good offers with low interest rates.



Increase customers by providing the best in the market


Overall I have a good experience with this bank, that is when I don't need to go to the branch. I find their online banking to be excellent and help me save time and efforts. I wish that staff would be me knowledgeable and proactively inform customers about every detail. For example, two months ago I went to close my saving account and asked for my current account to remain opened, the next time I wanted to use my debit card I was surprised to know that the card has been deactivated and when I asked they told me that since the savings was linked with the current account, the card has been deactivated once I closed the account. Now how would I know that?! to replace the card they informed that I would bare the charges which was basically wrong since it was a mistake from their side due to the lack of full information. Also they should increase the number of CDM in busy locations since the queue is crazy especially towards the end and beginning of the month so add more in Shj especially!



Offer low interest on loans and let people with low basic get loans as well

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By allowing salary less then 5000dhs to open account with them

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