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The LIV card by Emirates NBD is by far the best. The application is soo useful and handy, can easily transfer money to friends or family. The service speed is also very good.

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What I enjoy the most about ENBD is their mobile app. 90% of all my banking needs are done through the app, and all of these are confirmed rather quickly with an SMS or Email as forms of communication.These are based on my personal experience and might be different from the experience of others.


What I like about ENBD is that the bank is very reliable and your money is safe! Theres a lot of offer and freebies for every credit card you have. And also their interest on their loan is acceptable and low, however the only problem that I Usually encountered is the long que in every branch. I Hope they will start expanding more branches and ATM machine all over the UAE especially in Dubai Area.


When sending money in the Philippines, it is free of charge, that is why i like it and it gives you a feeling of security whenever you use it.

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A great bank with good and affordable services and features... Serves the financial needs of working community and students alike...The only issue I had was when I called the branch to fix and issue... during the call the staff was really incompetent and have a very bad attitude... he kept ignoring my queries and seemed to be in a hurry to keep the call...Rest all is great...

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Highly Recommended Bank, very useful every time.

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Easy access for app, but sometimes it hang, and call centers update is upgrading of system. Also, i dont know why it always ask me to upgrade the app in my mobile.

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What I like in this bank is very accessible they have branch all over places what I dislike is the product offer and point system are low.

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