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Should have more atm machines in Dubai. Regarding phone calls for complaints, please let us talk to a human being not to a robot

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Debit card customers should also have the privilege of earning points ( on Local products like Etisalat and Emirates Airlines & Uninon Co-operative)



زيادة الكاونترات ، زيادة المواقف الخارجية


I would suggest to remove the automated phone service of Eva, it takes a lot of time to actually reach for what you have call for. Instead it is best to have a human answering to solve the query quickly without any hassles.

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There is one ATM branch near Al Rigga Metro Station, some security issue because the keypad is facing front, not having cover or anything. Its like it is so expose when you type your PIN.



Speed to interact with customers. The service needs to be quick

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They have a great app LIV online bank. Also I loved Instagram live where you can win.


The bank has many draws and new schemes for its customers.

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من وجهه نظري افضل بنك بالامارات , حيث يتسم البنك بالوضوح و الصدق في تقديم المعلومات و العروض, لكن ملاحظتي فقط بخصوص المساعده الافترضيه ايفا حيث انها تاخد وقت كبير جدا للوصول لطلبي او استفساري

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