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It’s difficult to get connected to Call Center and Online chat as well.


زيادة عدد موظفين خدمه العملاء والصرافين



Remove ewaaa from call centre she dosnt understand what we want a useless system



I faced an issue by my mistake through online banking and it was resolved beyond my expectations. 100% score for that. Although I never give 100% score for customer service because it is never perfect



يرجي مزيد من الإهتمام ...


make call centre free of charge my dear first of all we call n the system doesnt understand any thing what we want and goes on asking questions and the line is going on n on and we are paying the call charges its become boring it should b convenient to the customers it is taking to much time to go on further then after a long it goes to the customer service person that means already you have to pay so much call charges .rest all good best but make it more best by improving this .

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من المزعج أن تتصل بالبنك وتبقى تنتظر لفترة طويله جدا جدا لدرجة الملل .. أتمنى من البنك في المستقبل أن يكون هناك مصداقية بأي عرض من العروض وليست مجرد دعاية ..وأتمنى لهم التوفيق

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ممتاز جدا


من افضل البنوك انه المفضل لدي ولعائلتي و بين اصدقائي كونه يحمل خدمة ذكية عبر التطبيق تمكننا من تحويل الاموال بطريقة سهلة وسريعة وامنة بين مستخدمي بنك الامارات دبي الوطني مجانا

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Regarding touch points...its very tough to get

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