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I applied for new account and it took 20 working days to get the account activated and that too after numerous call and complaints. Better use other bank.



Very innovative, i especially love when they introduce the LIV Account..

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I am using Liv by ENBD and I must say, they make banking fun with their promos and contests. I just didn't like that they are not 100% transparent when it comes to their terms. Like before I sign up, even after reviewing the product online, was under the impression that min spend is only 500 aed and/or you just have to have a maintaining balance of 2000 aed to avoid the service fees. I only knew about the changes in their terms when I saw the charge. It's a rather fun and convenient bank but I didn't like that particular experience.

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Best app in this sector

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Atm متوفرة في مناطق عديدة الخدمة عبر الهاتف ممتازة الاونلاين بانكينج جدا جميلة وسهلة وامنة

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Should have more atm machines in Dubai. Regarding phone calls for complaints, please let us talk to a human being not to a robot

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عندما اردت فتح حساب في البنك كانت شروطهم خايسة وكثيرة يعني ليش مافي تسهيلات للطلاب لفتح حساب بنكي

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Debit card customers should also have the privilege of earning points ( on Local products like Etisalat and Emirates Airlines & Uninon Co-operative)


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